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Related article: coincidence the previous record for Invermark by one rifle — twenty-seven stags — was made by Lord Dudley's grandfather about the end of the sixties. He is fond of salmon fishing, and last year had good sport on the Spey with the Duke of Richmond on the Gordon Castle water, and also on the Stanley reach of the Tay, which lies just below the iiainous Stobhall water. When Mr. Frederick Ames re- tired from the Levodopa Price mastership of Levodopa Mg the Worcestershire Hounds in 1896 — after his second term of office, which covered eighteen seasons — Lord Dudley succeeded him, and has held the reins since, assisted by the late Captain J. O. Trotter as field master. He takes personal interest in hound breed- ing, and by using the best obtain- Levodopa Tablets able blood is continuing the policy of improvement initiated and car- ried out with so much success by his predecessor. Mr. Frederick Ames made a special study of hound breeding, and the Worces- tershire pack owe a great deal to his sound judgment. The War- wickshire Hermit has been much ^ used in recent years, and the [ present season's entry included 2^ couple by the Grafton Pageant. Honesty and Harriet, 4-season hounds, by the Quorn Harper, and Rusticus and Rutland, 3-season hounds, by the Belvoir Rusticus, are among the best of the pack. As a yachtsman Lord Dudley has had his share of success. The best boats have been that smart 5- rater Dacia, which won many prizes in the Solent in 1892 and 1893, ^^^ ^^^ 2o-rater Inyoni (Zulu for *• swallow "), with which he won no fewer than twenty-nine or thirty prizes ^firsts, seconds and thirds) in each of the three seasons he raced her. The prize to which the Earl perhaps at- taches most value is the Cup which Mr. Hill offered for com- petition by 20-raters to be steered by their owners at Ryde Regatta. The Inyoni was entered for the race ; but Lord Dudley happening to be in Norway at the time, Lady Dudley applied for, and received, permission to take his place at the tiller. The countess steered the yacht to victory, beating a fleet of seven or eight starters. In the following year, 1895, *^^ Inyoni was again entered, and, steered by her owner, won for the second time, making the Cup Lord Dudley's absolute property according to the conditions of the gift. Among pastimes, golf is the game which claims most of Lord Dudley's attention. He belongs to the St. Andrews Club, to the Hon. Society of Edinburgh Golf- ers, the Royal Cinque Ports and numberless other clubs ; but per- haps the Byfleet see him more frequently than any other, as he owns a small house close to the links, to which he is in the habit of resorting in summer to play a round or two in the evenings. He can hold his own among good players. In 1880, at St. Andrews on medal day he tied for the 86 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [Fbbruar? merely growling lion. That phase of our history, although it was hap* pening only yesterday, has passed like a dream and gone ; now some 150,000 of our best and bravest have hastened to the fray, and sport has been swallowed up in war. Sport and war! Were there ever two such incongruous — yes, apparently incongruous — occupa- tions found side by side? And yet I claim for sport, and trust that I shall carry with me the majority of your readers, that it is destined to play no inconsiderable part in the reality of this war. We are indebted to Punch for the farcical side of the picture, where the young subaltern recently joined goes up to his colonel and suggests that he should take his golf-sticks with him, as the veldt must be capital golfing ground, and Buy Cheap Levodopa he supposes that the hghting will mostly be got through by Purchase Levodopa Online lunch-time! This young sports- man is but a type of many. His troubles will come to him soon enough, but they are not fore- seen, not reckoned with, before- hand. The golf-sticks, we opine, will be forgotten ere the first Boer bullet whistles past that gallant young lad, and he will realise the true attributes of a sportsman, not the least of which are to attend to duty, and excel in whatever you undertake in bodily exercise. The Lion of Buy Levodopa Online sport is now thoroughly aroused. From the steps of the Throne, through every grade of the Peerage — aris- tocracy, democracy, and plebeian- ism — all are bent on one aim, that of showing their country's will and power to hurl back this inva- sion, and bring Dutchmen once more into line with our reformed constitutional liberty. What can be better proof of this than the entry of thousands of volunteer civilians into the fray — ^their voluntary equipment and enthusi- astic sends oS? Never in our history have such deeds of self- denial and chivalry Purchase Levodopa been Levodopa Online displayed — and has not sport had its part and lot in all this ? I am fain to boast that it has. Where is the sportsman, be he old or young, who can be dubbed a coward? Who is he that cares for the name of sportsman that will shirk the responsibilities thrown upon him to-day ? How many of us are giving up our positions as M.F.H.'s, the pleasures of hunt- ing, shooting, football, golf and the like, for the stern reality of war? That is, our younger sportsmen. None the less, however, have we, Order Levodopa Online the elder ones, undergone our sacrifices in speeding on thosecher- ished olive-branches, for whom we had weaved more peaceful occu- pations, and hoped to see enjoy more domestic happiness. They, our sons, are sustained by a noble ambition, while we in our de- clining years seem to feel more acutely the weight of coming events. Above and beyond this I know of nothing that has stirred the hearts of sportsmen so much as the brotherly love of our sports- men in far-off colonies — the Cana- dians, Australians, and New Zea- landers, who have been prompted to throw in their lot with us in this war. It has been well said that sportsmen are brothers all the world over, and what is now happening in so remarkable a manner speaks more eloquently than ever of the grand effects which have attended the sending forth during the last century of some of our best sporting blood to seek their fortunes in our Colo- nies. For there their sporting instincts have been fostered and rendered keener, while their con-